Recruiting Real Life DIYers

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Recruiting Real Life DIYers

20571334_lWhen I say “real life” I’m not talking about the reality of DIYers, I’m talking about the real world where we work. This isn’t a blog about making blogs or commentary on how to make money online. This is a site about improving your real life with DIY projects! It takes time, and effort, and in some cases (rather, in all cases) good old fashioned creativity and elbow grease. These are projects that you can’t do on the Internet, and that’s why they’re the best! Too many people have forgotten how to set up an articulating ladder and dip the brush in the paint. We rely to heavily upon professional designers and big box home décor. It’s time to take back our quality of life by investing in it, personalizing it, and making it’s quality hand made.

Sometimes Professionals are Needed

I’ll put out this disclaimer right now—professional craftsmen have been around for a very long time because professionals are needed! I’m not petitioning for everyone to go to school to become an electrician, carpenter, plumber or other. The crafts and projects we talk about on this site are projects that can be completed by a person with a little gumption and common sense. A homeowner CAN and probably should know how to do their own home maintenance. The more you understand maintenance and the inner workings of tools the easier projects become. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure that you call for professionals when your renovation projects become bigger and you need to start moving around wiring or plumbing.

Do What You Can’t On the Web

10091498_lSO! Whether you’ve been working at building your DIY repertoire for years, or you’ve just decided to breach the topic, I say HUZZAH! You can do this! Remember that sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones. Instead of looking for huge changes like knocking out walls or tearing out all the floors in your house, consider the creative solutions that are probably easier and will give completely satisfactory results such as paint, carpeting, nifty organization, it’s all about getting up and trying things.

Let’s cut that technological umbilical cord, remember how it was to be self-sufficient, creative, and constructive. Get off the Internet, take back your house, your yard, your garage, and discover the dream-house that is just waiting for you to find it in the real world.

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